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January 23, 2023

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January 17, 2023

抄訳 Learning to Rank using Gradient Descent (2005)

January 7, 2023


December 28, 2022

抄訳 A taxonomy of web search(2002)

December 23, 2022

抄訳 Epidemic Algorithm for Replicated Database Maintenance(1987)

December 19, 2022

抄訳 Syntactic Clustering of the Web(1997)

December 13, 2022

An Improved Data Stream Summary: The Count-Min Scketch and its Applications

December 7, 2022

抄訳 LOF: Identifying Density-Based Local Outilers(2000)

November 28, 2022

抄訳 MillWheel: Fault-Tolerant Stream Processing at Internet Scale(2013)

November 23, 2022

抄訳 RUSBoost: A Hybrid Approach to Alleviating Class Imbalance(2010)

November 13, 2022

抄訳 GraphChi: Large-Scale Graph Computation on Just a PC(2012)

November 12, 2022

抄訳 Popular Ensemble Methods: An Empirical Study(1999)

November 5, 2022


October 29, 2022

抄訳 Borderline-SMOTE: A New Over-Sampling Method in Imbalanced Data Sets Learning(2005)

October 22, 2022

抄訳 Data Cube: A Relational Aggregation Operator Generalizing Group-By, Cross-Tab, and Sub-Totals(1997)

October 15, 2022

抄訳 ADASYN: Adaptive Synthetic Sampling Approach for Imbalanced Learning(2008)

September 11, 2022

抄訳 Sagas(1987)

September 4, 2022

抄訳 SMOTE: Synthetic Minority Over-sampling Technique(2002)

August 31, 2022

抄訳 Kafka: a Distributed Messaging System for Log Processing (2011)

August 22, 2022

抄訳 Pregel: A System for Large-Scale Graph Processing(2010)

August 19, 2022

Normalized Cuts and Image Segmentation (2000)

August 6, 2022

Understanding diagnostic tests3: receiver operating characteristic curves(2007)

August 6, 2022

抄訳 The Transaction Concept: Virtues and Limitations(1981)

July 30, 2022

On Spectral Clustering: Analysis and an algorithm

July 23, 2022

How to Make a Multiprocessor Computer That Correctly Executes Multiprocess Programs(1979)

July 16, 2022

A Min-max Cut Algorithm for Graph Partitioning and Data Clustering

July 9, 2022

Implementing Fault-Tolerant Services Using the State Machine Approach: A Tutorial

June 26, 2022


June 25, 2022

Consensus in the Presence of Patial Synchrony (1988)

June 18, 2022

Regression Shrinkage and Selection via the Lasso

June 12, 2022

C-Store: A Column-oriented DBMS(2005)

June 4, 2022

SIMPLS: an alternative approach to partial least squares regression

May 28, 2022

The WyCach Portfolio Management System(1992)

May 28, 2022

PLS-regression: a basic tool of chemometrics

May 21, 2022

Statistics and Causal Inference(1986)

May 14, 2022

A Family of Experiments on Test-Driven Development

April 29, 2022

SimCSE: Simple Contrastive Learning of Sentence Embeddings

April 29, 2022

Stochastic Gradient Boosting

April 23, 2022

LightGBM: A Highly Efficient Gradient Boosting Decision Tree

April 16, 2022

Adam: A Method for Stochastic Optimization

April 9, 2022

XGBoost: A Scalable Tree Boosting System

March 26, 2022

Classifier Chains for Multi-label Classification

March 22, 2022

Effective Multi-Label Active Learning for Text Classification

March 12, 2022

Pegasos: Primal Estimated sub-GrAdient SOlver for SVM

March 12, 2022

An Interior-Point Method for Large-Scale L1-Regularized Least Squares

March 5, 2022

Regularization Paths for Generalized Linear Models via Coordinate Descent

February 19, 2022

Using TF-IDF to Determine Word Relevance in Document Queries(2003)

February 19, 2022

An algorithm for suffix stripping (1980)

February 11, 2022

Bringing GNU Emacs to Native Code

January 30, 2022

Data Structure for Text Sequences

January 29, 2022


January 21, 2022

Dynamic Routing Between Capsules (2017)

December 26, 2021

Hierarchical Attention Networks for Document Classification (2016)

December 26, 2021

Effective Approaches to Attention-based Neural Machine Translation (2015)

December 26, 2021

Deep Learning Based Text Classification: A Comprehensive Review (2020)

December 25, 2021

Monitoring Streams - A New Class of Data Management Applications (2002)

December 11, 2021

A Bridging Model for parallel Computation (1990)

December 11, 2021

Wait-Free Synchronization

November 27, 2021

Live Migration of Virtual Machines

November 20, 2021

A Critique of ANSI SQL Isolation Levels

November 13, 2021

An Overview of Data Warehousing and OLAP Technology

November 6, 2021

Managing Update Conflicts in Bayou, a Weakly Connected Replicated Storage System

November 6, 2021

The Many Faces of Publish/Subscribe (2003)

October 30, 2021

Dryad: Distributed Data-Parallel Programs from Sequential Building Blocks

October 23, 2021

The Chubby lock service for loosely-coupled distributed systems

October 16, 2021

Congestion Avoidance and Control

October 9, 2021

The Notion of Consistency and Predicate Locks in a Database System

October 2, 2021

Parallel Database Systems: The Future of High Performance Database Systems (1992)

September 25, 2021

Chain Replication for Supporting High Throughput and Availability

September 18, 2021

Implementing Remote Procedure Calls

September 11, 2021

Dremel: Interactive Analysis of Web-Scale Datasets

September 4, 2021

Is Rust Used Safely by Software Developers?

August 27, 2021

Design Tradeoffs for SSD Performance

August 23, 2021

Program Comprehension and Code Complexity Metrics: An fMRI Study

August 21, 2021

The UNIX Time-Sharing System

August 21, 2021

What helped, and what did not? An Evaluation of the Strategies to Improve Continuous Integration

August 20, 2021

Don't Do That! Hunting Down Visual Design Smells in Complex UIs against Design Guidelines

August 14, 2021

An Empirical Analysis of UI-based Flaky Tests

August 14, 2021

A Case Study of Onboarding in Software Teams: Tasks and Strategies

August 14, 2021

A Differential Testing Approach for Evaluating Abstract Syntax Tree Mapping Algorithms

August 14, 2021

“Ignorance and Prejudice” in Software Fairness

August 14, 2021

Time, Clocks, and the Ordering of Events in a Distributed System

August 14, 2021

The Dataflow Model: A Practical Approach to Balancing Correctness, Latency, and Cost in Massive-Scale, unbounded, Out-of-Order Data Processing

August 7, 2021

Playing Planning Poker in Crowds: Human Computation of Software Effort Estimates

August 6, 2021

The Byzantine Generals Problem

July 31, 2021

The Browsemaps: Collaborative Filtering at LinkedIn

July 22, 2021

Linearizability: A Correctness Condition for Concurrent Objects

July 17, 2021


July 10, 2021

A History and Evaluation of System R

July 3, 2021

beamerのスタイルファイル rei.sty

June 26, 2021

AtCoder Beginner Contest 206 D KAIBUNsyo

June 20, 2021

Consistent Hashing and Random Trees: Distributed Caching Protocols for Relieving Hot Spots on the World Wide Web

June 19, 2021

AtCoder Begineer Contest 051 D - Candidates of No Shortest Paths

June 14, 2021

AtCoder Beginner Contest 205 D - Kth Excluded

June 14, 2021

Windows Azure Storage: A Highly Available Cloud Storage Service with Strong Consistency

June 12, 2021

Thrift: Scalable Cross-Language Services Implementation

May 30, 2021

The End of an Architectural Era (It's Time for a Complete Rewrite)

May 29, 2021

Burst Tries: A Fast, Efficient Data Structure for String Keys

May 22, 2021

Suffix Arrays: A New Method for On-Line String Searches

May 16, 2021

論文メモ HyperDex: A Distribute, searchable Key-Value Store

May 7, 2021

論文メモ Integrating the UB-Tree into a Database System Kernel

April 29, 2021

論文メモ Designing Access Methods: The RUM Conjecture

April 26, 2021

論文メモ A comparison of Fractal Trees to Log-Structured Merge (LSM) Trees

April 19, 2021

論文メモ Fast Intersection Algorithms for Sorted Sequences

April 12, 2021

論文メモ The Log-Structured Merge-Tree (LSM-Tree)

April 3, 2021

論文メモ The Design and Implementation of a Log-Structured File System

March 29, 2021

論文メモ ARIES/IM: An Efficient and High Concurrency Index Management Method Using Write-Ahead Logging

March 21, 2021

論文メモ The Ubiquitous B-Tree

March 19, 2021

論文メモ Robust Random Cut Forest Based Anomaly Detection On Streams

March 12, 2021

論文メモ Organization and Maintenance of Large Ordered indexes

February 27, 2021

論文メモ Space/Time Trade-offs in Hash Coding with Allowable Errors

February 20, 2021

論文メモ Tree Indexing on Solid State Drives

February 15, 2021

論文メモ Isolation Forest

February 13, 2021

論文メモ TAO: Facebook's Distributed Data Store for the Social Graph

February 4, 2021

論文メモ The Daily Life of Software Engineers during the COVID-19 Pandemic

January 30, 2021

論文メモ Dapper, a Large-Scale Distributed Systems Tracing Infrastructure

January 23, 2021

論文メモ Convolutional 2D Knowledge Graph Embeddings

January 11, 2021

論文メモ Multiversion Concurrency Control - Theory and Algorithms

January 6, 2021

論文メモ Paxos Made Simple

December 31, 2020

論文メモ Impossibility of Distributed Consensus with One Faulty Process

December 18, 2020

論文メモ Availability in Globally Distributed Storage Systems

December 12, 2020

論文メモ What You Always Wanted to Know About Datalog

December 12, 2020

論文メモ Translating Embeddings for Modeling Multi-relational Data

December 5, 2020

論文メモ The Declarative Imperative

December 5, 2020

論文メモ Bigtable: A Distributed Storage System for Structured Data

November 30, 2020

論文メモ Aerospike: Architecture of a Real-Time Operational Database

November 28, 2020

論文メモ Spanner: Google's Globally Distributed Database

November 27, 2020

論文メモ A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks

November 21, 2020

論文メモ On Designing and Deploying Internet-Scale Services

November 20, 2020

論文メモ Weighted Voting for Replicated Data

November 19, 2020

論文メモ Amazon Aurora: Design Considerations for High Throughput Cloud-Native Relational Databases

November 13, 2020

論文メモ "One Size Fits All": An Idea Whose Time Has Come and Gone

November 13, 2020

論文メモ Dynamo: Amazon's Highly Available Key-value Store

November 6, 2020

論文メモ Zero-shot Word Sense Disambiguation using Sense Definition Embeddings

October 30, 2020

論文メモ Simple Testing Can Prevent Most Critical Failures

October 29, 2020

論文メモ From Diversity by Numbers to Diversity as Process

October 16, 2020

論文メモ End-to-end Sequence Labeling via Bi-directional LSTM-CNNs-CRF

October 16, 2020

論文メモ Becoming Agile: A Grounded Theory of Agile Transitions in Practice

October 16, 2020

論文メモ Software Development Waste

October 11, 2020

論文メモ End-to-end Neural Coreference Resolution

October 10, 2020

論文メモ Build it yourself! Homegrown Tools in a Large Software Company

October 2, 2020

論文メモ Universal Sentence Encoder

October 2, 2020

論文メモ How much Up-Front? A Grounded Theory of Agile Architecture

September 25, 2020

論文メモ Character-level Convolutional Networks for Text Classification

September 25, 2020

論文メモ What Makes A Great Software Engineer?

September 18, 2020

論文メモ Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning for Fast Adaptation of Deep Networks

September 18, 2020

論文メモ Truth in Advertising: The Hidden Cost of Mobile Ads for Software Developers

September 11, 2020

論文メモ Skip-Thought Vectors

September 11, 2020

論文メモ Beyond Accuracy: Behavioral Testing of NLP Models with CHECKLIST

September 4, 2020

Why Good Developers Write Bad Code: An Observational Case Study of the Impacts of Organizational Factors on Software Quality

September 4, 2020

論文メモ A Comparative Study of Programming Lanugages in Rosetta Code

August 28, 2020

論文メモ SQuAD: 100,000+ Questions for Machine Comprehension of Text

August 28, 2020

論文メモ Extensible Effects An Alternative to Monad Transformers

August 23, 2020

論文メモ When and Why Your Code Starts to Smell Bad

August 21, 2020

論文メモ Extracting and Composing Robust Features with Denoising Autoencoders

August 21, 2020

論文メモ Statistical Errors in Software Engineering Experiments: A Preliminary Literature Review

August 14, 2020

論文メモ Semi Supervised Learning with Ladder Networks

August 14, 2020

論文メモ An Empirical Study On Program Failures On Deep Learning Jobs

August 7, 2020

論文メモ Improving Language Understanding by Generative Pre-Training

August 7, 2020

論文メモ A Tale from the Trenches: Cognitive Biases and Software Development

July 31, 2020

論文メモ Factorization Machines

July 31, 2020

Exploration of Technical Debt in Start-ups

July 24, 2020

論文メモ Deep Learning Recommendation Model for Personalization and Recoomendation Systems

July 24, 2020

論文メモ Explaining Pair Programming Session Dynamics from Knowledge Gaps

July 17, 2020

論文メモ Bag of Tricks for Efficient Text Classification

July 17, 2020

論文メモ Recognizing Developers' Emotions while Programming

July 11, 2020

論文メモ Pytorch: An Imperative Style, High-Performance Deep Learning Library

July 11, 2020

論文メモ Here We Go Again: Why Is It Difficult for Developers to Learn Another Programming Language?

July 4, 2020

論文メモ Automatic differentiation in Pytorch

July 4, 2020

論文メモ ROUGE: A Package for Automatic Evaluation of Summaries

June 27, 2020

論文メモ Do Developers Discover New Tools On The Toilet?

June 20, 2020

論文メモ A Neural Attention Model for Sentence Summarization

June 20, 2020

論文メモ BLEU: a Method for Automatic Evaluation of Machine Translation

June 13, 2020

論文メモ Sequence to Sequence Learning with Nueral Networks

June 6, 2020

論文メモ Google's Neural Machine Transltation System: Bridging the Gap between Human and Machine Translation

May 30, 2020

論文メモ Zero-Shot Learning with Semantic Output Codes

May 23, 2020


May 16, 2020

論文メモ Poincaré Embeddings for Learning Hierarchical Representations

May 9, 2020

論文 メモ Learning Joint Multilingual Sentence Representations with Neural Machine Translation

April 29, 2020


April 25, 2020

論文メモ Random Walks in recommender Systems: Exact Computation and Simulations

April 18, 2020

論文メモ Domain Adversarial Training of Neural Networks

April 11, 2020

論文メモ Character-Aware Neural Language Models

April 4, 2020

論文メモ Deep contextualized word representations

March 24, 2020

論文メモ The Seven Sins: Security Smells in Infrastructure as Code Scripts

March 20, 2020

論文メモ Semi-supervised Sequence Learning

March 14, 2020

論文メモ In Search of an Understandable Consensus Algorithm

March 9, 2020

論文メモ SentencePiece: A simple and language independent subword tokenizer and detokenizer for Neural Text Processing

February 29, 2020

論文メモ Latent Dirichlet Allocation

February 23, 2020

論文メモ Unsupervised Pretraining for Sequence to Sequence Learning

February 16, 2020

論文メモ Playing Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning

February 9, 2020

論文メモ context2vec: Learning Generic Context Embedding with Bidirectional LSTM

February 2, 2020


February 1, 2020

論文メモ "Why Should I Trust You?" Explaining the Predictions of Any Classifier

January 26, 2020

論文メモ Active Learning for Ranking through Expected Loss Optimization

January 19, 2020


January 14, 2020

論文メモ Unsupervised Models for Named Entity Classification

January 13, 2020

論文メモ Multilabel Classification with Label Correlations and Missing Labels

January 6, 2020

論文メモ Learning Deep Structured Semantic Models for Web Search using Clickthrough Data

January 4, 2020

論文メモ Classification in the Presence of Label Noise: a Survey

December 30, 2019

論文メモ Distributed Representations of Sentences and Documents

December 28, 2019

論文メモ GloVe: Global Vectors for Word Representation

December 21, 2019

論文メモ BERT: Pre-training of Deep Bidirectional Transformers for Lnaguages Understaing

December 14, 2019

論文メモ 150 Successful Machine Learning Models: 6 Lessons Learned at

December 14, 2019

論文メモ Ranking Relevance In Yahoo Search

December 7, 2019

論文メモ A Dual Embedding Space Model for Document Ranking

November 30, 2019

論文メモ On Calibration of Modern Neural Networks

November 23, 2019

論文メモ Trinary-Projection Trees for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search

November 16, 2019

論文メモ Get Another Label? Improving Data Quality and Data Mining Using Multiple, Noisy Labelers

November 9, 2019

メモ ActiveClean: Interactive Data Cleaning For Statistical Modeling

November 9, 2019

メモ WebTables: Exploring the Power of Tables on the Web

October 31, 2019

メモ A Survey on Data Collection for Machine Learning

October 26, 2019

メモ Structure estimation for discrete graphical models: Generalized covariance matrices and their inverses

October 19, 2019

メモ Feature Selection for Text Categorization on Imbalanced Data

October 12, 2019

メモ Snorkel DryBell: A Case Study in Deploying Weak Supervision at Industrial Scale

October 5, 2019

メモ Training Complex Models with Multi-Task Weak Supervision

September 28, 2019

メモ Snorkel: Rapid Traning Data Creation with Weak Supervision

September 21, 2019

メモ Software Engineering for Machine Learning: A Case Study

September 14, 2019

メモ Class Imbalance, Redux

September 7, 2019

メモ Learning on the Border: Active Learning in Imbalanced Data Classification

August 31, 2019

メモ Distilling the Knowledge in a Neural Network

August 24, 2019

メモ FastXML: A Fast, Accurate and Stable Tree-classifier for eXtreme Multi-label Learning

August 24, 2019

メモ Advantages and Disadvantages of a Monolithic Repository

August 17, 2019

メモ CatBoost: unbaiased boosting with categorical features

August 10, 2019

メモ Are We Really Making Much Progress? A Worrying Analysis of Recent Neural Recommendation Approaches

August 10, 2019

メモ Gaussian Processes for Regression

August 3, 2019

概要 Google Vizier: A Service for Black-Box Optimization

August 3, 2019

概要 Learning Active Learning from Data

July 27, 2019

概要 TextRank: Bringing Order into Texts

July 20, 2019

概要 Subword Regularization: Improving Neural Network Translation Models with Multiple Subword Candidates

July 17, 2019

概要 Neural Machine Trasnslation of Rare Words with Subword Units

July 13, 2019

論文メモ The Annotated Transformer

July 1, 2019

メモ Embedding Logical Queries on Knowledge Graphs

February 17, 2019

論文メモ Regularizing and Optimizing LSTM Language Models

November 23, 2018

メモ Deep Joint Entity Disambiguation with Local Neural Attention

November 9, 2018

メモ End-to-end Neural Entity Linking

November 2, 2018

DeepType: Multilingual Entity Linking by Neural Type System Evolution(2018)

October 26, 2018

メモ Conditional Random Fields: Probabilistic Models for Segmenting and Labeling Sequence Data

October 12, 2018

メモ Bidirectional LSTM-CRF Models for Sequence Tagging

October 5, 2018

メモ Contextual String Embeddings for Sequence Labeling

September 28, 2018

メモ Universal Language Model Fine-tuning for Text Classification

September 14, 2018

メモ metapath2vec: Scalable Representation Learning for Heterogeneous Networks

September 7, 2018

Applying Deep Learning To Airbnb Search

August 31, 2018

メモ The Relationship Between Precision-Recall and ROC Curve

August 25, 2018

メモ Enriching Word Vectors with Subword Information

August 10, 2018

概要 When Do Chagnes Induce Fixes?

August 3, 2018

要約 A Simple Semi-supervised Algorithm For Named Entity Recognition

July 17, 2018

要約 Applying Conditional Random Fields to Japanese Morphological Analysis

July 17, 2018

概要 Text Classification from Labeled and Unlabeled Documents using EM

July 8, 2018